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AFTERCARE FOR YOUR NEW TATTOO  (Including Tegaderm bandaging)

  Closely following these instructions will help aid you in the healing of your new tattoo.  Improper aftercare can seriously affect the appearance of a tattoo after it has completely healed. IMPROPERLY HEALED TATTOOS THAT REQUIRE TOUCH-UPS WILL BE AT THE EXPENSE OF THE CLIENT.


Tattoo Aftercare:
- Leave bandage on for a minimum of two hours, BUT PREFERABLY OVERNIGHT.  After removing the bandage, expect to see Lymphorrhea (lymph, plasma, excess ink, red and white blood cells).  Wipe your tattoo clean with a dry paper  towel and gently wash tattoo with warm water and a mild, unscented soap and pat dry.

- Using a VERY SMALL amount, apply a thin coat of A & D ointment (during the first 1-2 days of healing) . Do not re-bandage. Once the wound is dry and sealed by the scab (2 days afterward approximately) use non scented lotion.  Tattoos require air exposure to heal.

- It is important to keep your tattoo clean as it heals. Wash tattoo once daily with a mild soap and apply lotion as needed, or when the tattoo feels dry. DO NOT  over moisturize.  Over moisturizing can clog the pores and cause pimples to appear around your tattoo. If this occurs simply stop moisturizing. 

-  Use only alcohol-free and unscented lotions as needed.  


- Expect your tattoo to scab, sometimes excessively.  This is normal. Everyone heals differently and over different periods of time. Expect a healing time of two to four weeks. It may take up to eight weeks but this is uncommon.


-  ORAL TATTOO CARE: Lip tattoos cannot be guaranteed due the environment of the mouth. Simply avoid smoking, oral sex, kissing, and alcohol( Including alcohol based mouthwash), chewing tobacco, or any object that could infect a still healing tattoo.  Also while the tattoo is still "fresh" and healing, avoid aspirin and caffeine . Use non-alcohol based mouthwash( Biotene) to clean a new healing oral tattoo.


In any circumstance, DO NOT: Pick, scratch, rub, or expose tattoo to sun, tanning beds or submerge in water for extended periods of time, including pools and hot tubs.

Never use a wash cloth or any abrasive materials.



It is important to know that a healing tattoo can look and feel irritated. 

If any ABNORMAL irritation, swelling or fever should appear, please contact a physician immediately.  These could be signs of a potentially serious medical condition that should be addressed.

Tegaderm Instructions tattoo
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