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Tattoo Shops In Chicago

  Top Styles from Tattoo Shops in Chicago

There are as many tattoo styles as there are people in this world. Part of choosing the best artist is choosing your preferred style and then selecting a person who specializes in that. Although our artists can do pretty much any style you want, here are a few examples of the most common styles.




Also called old school, classic, American, or Western, this tattoo design style is full of bold lines and bright colors. Typical symbols of this style include roses, anchors, and women. We love these because they come out looking awesome, still look great as they age, and carry the history of tattooing with them.




Watercolor tattoos have become all the rage in the last few years. It's definitely more modern and has fewer lines, if any. It focuses on bright colors blending together to create art on the skin. We love this style because it challenges us! It might be easy to paint with watercolors on canvas, but needles and ink on skin is a whole different medium!




Pretty much, if it doesn't fit into any other category, it's probably illustrative. This is a broad term so lots of different tattoos can fit into this category. Basically, if it looks like it could be hanging up on canvas in an art gallery, it's probably illustrative! We love this design style because it gives the artist a lot of room for creativity and we love the challenge!


  Metamorph Tattoo Shops in Chicago


If you're looking for the best tattoo Chicago residents love, look no further than Metamorph Studios. Located in Wicker Park, our artists can work with any style you choose and create a unique piece of art that you'll love for the rest of your life. Give us a call today to learn more!

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